Thursday, January 16, 2014

Days 2 & 3 of my Stay-cation - plus some vintage photos...

1.)  Cherries are a very good alternative to raspberries in that PB&J oatmeal.  I've eaten that oatmeal 3 days so far.  I think I better mix it up and eat something else so I don't end up getting sick of it.

2.)  Laundry takes way more time than people really care to admit.  I have spent whole days doing laundry before, but I never really noticed how much time it took away until I was trying to scan slides at the same time.  Taking laundry to the basement, checking dryers, folding & hanging up clothes...  ugh!  It's exhausting!

3.)  I hit a wall on Wednesday.  Pretty hard.  I was pretty much over the whole "scan in all the slides!" thing, and spent more time than I care to admit watching America's Next Top Model.  Scanning slides is just really quite tedious.  Plus it takes just forever!  In fact, it takes so much time to scan in slides, I started hopping on the other computer to scan in photos.  It's a good thing Jeff had purchased a 3 terabyte back-up - I'm putting a whole lot on there!

4.)  Sauteed pepperoni is pretty good.  I blame Pinterest for that one.

5.)  I am not getting nearly as many other things done as I thought I would.  I will not be done scanning slides until Friday afternoon at the earliest.  Crafting has officially been scratched off of my list for this week.  I knew that one was a long shot, but it was on the list as a hope.

6.)  Mixing sausage into your ground beef when you make meatloaf is amazing!  I have no idea why I never did this before!  I really never use a recipe for my meatloaf, but on Tuesday I mixed a pound each of ground beef and sausage, Italian bread crumbs that were in the cupboard, some Parmesan cheese, egg, and chili sauce.  It was so yummy!

And now, some of the fruits of my labor...

Some of the slides:
Grama & Grampa Betz's 25th Anniversary, September 1972.  Yep, I need to flip the picture, it's backwards.

The Lincoln Memorial as seen from the top of the Washington Monument, December 1981.  The view has since changed with many additions, including the WWII Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, and the Korean War Memorial.  I believe the small white object you see middle right is the WWI Memorial.  I am pretty sure this photo also needs to be flipped...

This is me.  I had broken my right wrist, but was still trying to draw with my right hand...

And some of the photos:
Rylee and Monica, Thanksgiving 2000.  The girls were about 13-14 months old in this photo.  So dang cute!

One of my senior pictures, August, 1994.  Not bad...

Andy, Nathan, Paul, and Larry.  I have no idea what year (any help?) or why the Floods were in Illinois, but I'm sure we had a good time!  


  1. 1999 maybe? Nate looks like he's about 2. When the Flood's were moving to WV...? Loretta?


  2. It think it was when we were moving to WV, so that would have been August of 1998. Paul would have been just a few days shy of 14.