Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Easy Update to an old frame - Glitter Tape

I took this picture of the Washington Monument when we visited in 2010:

I'm very surprised and happy that I took such a pretty picture!

I had framed it a year or so ago, but only finally finished and hung it.

I purchased a set of two tall, narrow black framed prints, very much on clearance, from ShopKo.  I think they were $7.50 for the set of 2.  I took them apart, turned the frame a quarter of a turn, and replaced the picture that they came with my picture.  The first one broke when it fell, but the second frame worked.

I used the same cable staples as on my mom's seashell monogram hanging, putting them into the back of the frame.  Then I used gold self-adhesive craft tape around the outside only - not the face, just the sides.  I hung the picture with a wide black ribbon.


The gold is a nice compliment to the lights in the photo, and I think the craft tape will hold the frame together if it decides to break like the first one.  :-)

Rhyanne's love of glitter sure has rubbed off on me...

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