Sunday, January 19, 2014

The end of my Stay-cation

I go back to work tomorrow.  7AM.  Ugh.   I am not looking forward to it.  But, like almost everything in life, work is a necessity.

So, the result of my week off, my stay-cation?

I scanned in 477 slides.  That's at least 12 hours, but probably more like 14.  Doesn't sound like much since I used a full 40 hours of vacation, but I did a ton of laundry in the middle of scanning slides, and I got to sleep in (take that, 5:15AM alarm clock!).  And just think about how much time those 14 hours would take if it was a regular work week.  Get home after being away for at least 10 hours, do I really want to sit on the computer and scan slides?  Not so much.

I scanned countless photos, all while scanning slides - just hopping over the the other computer.

I made dinner most nights, including chicken with roasted veggies, tortellini soup, one-pot lasagna, and meatloaf.  I also crock-potted a turkey breast that we can use for lunch meat.  I love a good crock-potted turkey breast...  I ate breakfast every morning, including a new oatmeal recipe and trying blueberries with lemon Greek yogurt.

I wrote 5 blog posts (not including this one) and shared some good old photos.

I also lost more than 3 pounds.  Probably just due to cyclical monthly weight loss, but still.  It felt nice to see the numbers go down.

Things I did not do:

  • I didn't use the treadmill. 
  • I didn't organize anything in the house.
  • I didn't take those clothes to St. Vinny's, but they are now in the car so I could take them to CAC on lunch.  CAC gives clothes to people in need, for free.  I like to support them when I have clothes to get rid of.
  • I didn't craft.  *sad face*  But I really didn't think I would get the time to do any crafts.

And even with all those "I didn't" items - it was a productive week.  I only have about 150 slides left to scan, and I am confident I can get that done.

So tomorrow it will be time to read allllllll the e-mails I've gotten, listen to voicemails from those people who didn't listen to my outgoing message that I would be out of the office, attend meetings, and, in general, play catch up.  Erg.

Jefferson Memorial, 1985.  To the right you can see Dad, wearing what I always called his "Dr. Zhivago hat".

A slide from Mom & Dad's train trip to California.  1988?  1989?

And another slide from their trip.  I love the dark and light areas, but the dark areas just don't scan well.

Me, 1982.  I loved that play pay phone with the chunky plastic coins.  Susana - do you remember this?

When we were in California for Loretta & Andy's wedding in 1982, we went to Sea World.  Tina and I saw the Shamu show twice.  It was so hot that we wanted to sit where the crowd got wet.  We didn't get splashed either time.

3-27-1997 - the day I became Aunt Kristin!  Tina said that Nathan looked like me.  She might have still been on medication at that point...

Rylee and me!  She's just so cute!

Aw, Sprite.  So festive...  meow!

Me, 1999.  For my college graduation, I wanted to have a nice family portrait taken.  I also had some shots of me taken.  Look at how shiny my hair was!

Monica with her Grampa at her 1st Birthday party, September 2000.
Eh, Marcos!  (who all just read that in an accent?)
Love and miss you!


  1. The picture of Marcos and Monica brought tears to my eyes!

    Your parents train trip to CA was in 1988...Erin was 19 months old. :)

    I love love love the picture of you in the black dress! You are so BEAUTIFUL! (And your hair is always shiny!!!) :)

  2. It's funny because, in the picture of you and Rylee, she already looks like she doesn't care to be hugged. She has her hands clenched like she always does now when she gives hugs - or gets because she's not usually on the giving end... I'm working on her though...

  3. Thanks for the touching & tender reminders from the past....esp Monica and her "Bampa"...truly missed !