Friday, April 18, 2014

Photography Challenge Day 11: Something Blue

June 2010

Okay, first of all, 2010 was when I bought my camera.  I might have taken a lot of pictures that year.

Tina let me know that Rylee was going to play softball at a tourney North of their place, so closer to our place, so Jeff & I went for the day.  If I remember correctly, it was hot and steamy, but it was fun to play with the "sports continuous" function on my camera.

Then, last week, when I knew I had "something blue" coming up for the Photography Challenge, I knew that I wanted to upload the pictures to my Google Photos, and crossed my fingers that Google would "auto-awesome" the sets of sports continuous photos.

As you can see, Google did as I had hopes!  It's so awesome!  
Wow, can you believe how much Rylee has grown in the last 4 years?

And this is my favorite photo of that day.  I love it!  It shows just how much power and exertion she's got on the pitch!  I think I was really lucky to get this shot!

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