Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Photography Challenge Day 2: What You Wore

to Wendy's wedding:
October 2000.
Wendy was a college friend.  Fun, down to Earth, shorter than me, also a Business major.  She ended up meeting someone (yet another Business major) while at the bar, they started dating, and a year and a half after she graduated from college, married him.
I would go with her to the town she was from and help her with wedding stuff, because I was still in college for a semester more than she was, and even after I was done with school I would drive down and meet her there to work on stuff. 
Wendy had already chosen her bridesmaids, but asked me and another college friend to help out by handing out programs and making sure the reception was running smoothly until they got there.  The two of us just happened to match the day of the wedding - and it wasn't planned!
I had a great LBD - little black dress - that was not safe for church.  But, I threw a lavender sweater over the top, pinned the top so I didn't flash anyone, and looked lovely, if I do say so myself.
And I realize that this whole "Photography Challenge" is probably about me putting out pictures that I took, but it's my blog, darn it!  And I'll post whatever photo goes with the category of the day!

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