Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pinterest Review: Using Shaving Cream to color Easter Eggs

Pictures from Easter weekend 2013 - Trekker's chalk creations!

The first thing he did when he got to Grama & Grampa's house was pull the chalk out.

I needed a breather by the time Easter came around last year - that's quite a long time between holidays from New Years to Easter - and I needed not only away from work, but away from Wisconsin!  So I went to Mom & Dad's requested the pleasure of Trekker's presence, and we colored Easter eggs!

While I got the stuff together, he drew.  I think some of those creations are magnet monsters.  Not sure.

I had, of course, seen something on Pinterest about using shaving cream to dye eggs.  You put shaving cream on something, like a cookie sheet, put the dye in the shaving cream, roll the eggs around, let them sit for a while (I let them sit for a good 20 minutes).  

The results:

Okay, so only the three on the left were done with this process.  You see, we didn't have shaving cream.  We had shaving gel that had been under the sink since I was in college.  We gave it a shot, but I was skeptical, so I didn't do many eggs that way.  Plus, Trekker wasn't interested, and dying eggs alone isn't as fun as you might want it to be...

For the rest of the eggs, Trekker and I dropped the eggs in dye - old school.  Some of them were dumped in more than one color, and I think were a nice subtle mix of colors (see the little hints of pink on that orange one in the front?).  My favorite is that super bright orange-red one.  In fact, I think it sat in both orange and in red dye...

I would definitely do my Easter eggs again this way.
Did I mention that you have to wash the shaving cream off of the eggs?  I would hate to leave off a step...

One of the girls from work dyed her eggs this way too, but only after she and her mom had an extremely long conversation about whether or not they would be edible after sitting in shaving cream.  
I think they ended up using whipped cream instead.

Trekker is not exactly what one would call "gentle" with his Easter eggs.  He gets very excited when he finds eggs, and just kinda tosses them into the basket.  But boy, does he get some use out of those eggs.  I think we must have hunted the eggs at least 5 times.  That's why I wasn't worried about if they were edible or not.  They really were smashed up by the end...

He even gets excited when someone else finds the eggs!  If he hides the eggs for you, he gets so freaking excited, and ends up finding them for you!

Oreo did not accept our invitation to help find eggs....

Do you have Easter egg plans?

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  1. Oreo's looking like a monster cat in that (not-so-selfie) pic!

    Nephews are so much fun!