Friday, April 11, 2014

Photography Challenge Day 4: Something Green

Sometime in the cold of winter I went to a user group meeting for my HRIS.  A company with a recently built facility hosted.  My gosh the place was amazing.
There was a huge river rock (seriously, about 6 people could probably all sit on it), and it was partially in the vestibule, so the glass was cut to fit around it.  That's how fancy this place was.

In this facility, at the West end, were two giant Living Walls.  They had to have been at least 3 stories tall, and just plants.  All these plants planted into this wall.  It was really amazing.

It really was beautiful - and this photo doesn't do it justice.  There was a slight water noise, because you know it needs to be hydrated and no one's going to go and water it with a watering can!  See how tall it is compared to the door at the right?  I can just imagine sitting out there, with lunch, a book, or ear buds.  Man, that would be a nice place to relax at lunch time...

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