Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Photography Challenge Day 13: Cannot Live Without

Cannot Live Without?  There are so many things that we can all live without.  Very uncomfortably, of course.  I mean, I need shelter.  Preferably with air conditioning and running water.  And tv because I really like to watch "The Amazing Race".

But what do we really need in order to live?  Air.  Water.  Food.

What is life immensely better with?  That's what this photo is about.

I have always loved those old time photos from weddings where *cue southern accent* everyone is standing on the front steps of the grand porch under the mighty oak tree, looking regal in their wedding finest...  Like at Madeline & Justin's wedding at Resolute in North and South.

*ahem*  oh, excuse me...

But, alas, the church didn't have stairs.  So our photographer got up on a ladder and took this photo from above.

Things in this photo I cannot live without?  My husband, my marriage, my family, oh, and you see how it's windy - there's air in that photo too...

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  1. You can't even see me. :( I'm behind Jeff, between Susana and Barb!)
    It was a beautiful wedding, though!